Self-Help Non-Fiction 1st Person
Spy Action Fiction Male/Female Dialogue
Thriller Fiction Male / Female Dialogue
Crime Drama Fiction Male / Boy Dialogue
Religion Non-Fiction 3rd Person
True Crime 3rd Person
Sci-Fi Male / Male Character Dialogue

Are you an audiobook producer casting a narrator, or an independent author needing full audiobook production and publishing? I'd be happy to work with you on your next project.


In school, I was automatically cast for any role described as "Narrator" or "Voice of God offstage" because of the baritone richness of my voice and the confidence in my delivery. Now my approach to audiobook narration is to go beyond simply reciting words aloud. I link my voice to the author's words to bring the listener along with me. To lead them into the story like a guide, or to set the scene like a cinematographer. My style has been described as authoritative yet understated like a wise elder; informative and friendly like your favorite instructor or coach; soothing, thoughtful, and reassuring like your most authentic partner. Think of those in your life whose attention you freely give to each word they share with you.


The genres which I most enjoy and feel suited for include non-fiction historical, biographies, and memoirs, along with general fiction, adventure, mystery, and sci-fi.

When not narrating, you will find me reading or listening to books, hiking or biking in nature, and spending time with family, friends, and soon-to-be friends. As a grandfather who enjoys woodworking, I have yet to outgrow skateboards, game consoles, and pinball arcades. 


I record in my professional home studio using Rode NT-1 microphone, ART Tube Studio V3 & Fethead preamp, Scarlett Solo interface, and Studio One DAW with iZotope RX audio repair.

In addition to audiobook narration and production, I also provide voiceover services which include corporate narration, video narration, on-hold messages, and podcast intro/outro clips.
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