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Samples were produced using Rode NT-1 microphone, Scarlett Solo audio interface and Audacity DAW.


This non-fiction narrative was written by Rudyard Kipling when he was still in his twenties. It was originally published under the title of Letters of Marque, though there have been various editions including one published in India that Kipling requested be destroyed. Apparently only a hundred copies of that edition survived.

This is a classic critique of all things related to spiritualism. Drawn from the writings of Joseph McCabe, who was once a Catholic monk but who later became a harsh critic of religious dogmatism and paranormal claims, this work focuses on Doyle's belief that humans can communicate with disincarnated spirits from beyond death. Fascinating and extremely well-researched.

Non-Fiction Self-Help 3rd Person
Non-Fiction 1st Person
True Crime 3rd Person
Non-Fiction Memoir 3rd Person
Sci-Fi Character Dialogue
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